The Single Girl’s Guide to Dating Jesus

When I first set out to write a book, the story in my head was very different from the one I ended up with.  As I tried to write the story I wanted to share, the Holy Spirit kept reminding me of an even more beautiful story – my love story with Jesus.

I think many women today feel inadequate and invisible.  I feel this is especially accurate for single women like myself.  The Lord wants women to know that this is not true.  We are all called to serve the Kingdom in different ways and when we embrace the state in life God has placed us in, it is then that we can truly do great things.

In The Single Girl’s Guide to Dating Jesus, I focus specifically on the beauty of singlehood and loving the Lord in the here and now.  While I believe this story will appeal to all women, not just single ones, the Holy Spirit prompted me to share a story with single ladies in mind, so that they know they are visible and loved.  I offer wit, wisdom, and words of healing that come from my own experience as His once wayward daughter.  With this story, I seek to lead women to know, understand, and reclaim their true identity – that of a beloved daughter of the King.

It’s time to share my story, and again, following the promptings of the Holy Spirit, it was revealed to me that I already have the perfect platform to do so.  I will be releasing my story as a series of chapters, here, on my website.  I pray that you hear the message that the Author of Life has for you in the words that the Spirit spoke to me.

If you find this story helpful in your own life, I invite you to share it with other women. There isn’t a single woman on earth who doesn’t need to be told or reminded that she is a beautiful daughter of the King and is desired and wanted by her Divine Lover. Allow the Spirit to enter into the depths of your being and reveal to you this one simple message – you have always been spiritually spoken for.

Available Now! Chapter 1 – Happily Ever Eventually?

Available Now! Chapter 2 – All the Single Ladies

Available Now! Chapter 3 – Squash those Pre-date Jitters

Available Now! Chapter 4 – I’m Dating a Mama’s Boy

Available Now! Chapter 5 – Why Hasn’t He called? Overcoming that Awkward Silence

Available Now! Chapter 6 – Let’s Take this Relationship to the Next Level

Available Now! Chapter 7 – You Want a Gentleman? Then Act like a Lady

Available Now! Chapter 8 – May I Have this Dance


God bless and keep smiling!


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