A Beautiful Hiccup

Sometimes I get pretty animated when I talk to God. My most recent trip to the adoration chapel was no different. I was only there for a few minutes, dropping in on my way to somewhere else, but it only took those few minutes for God to have a good chat with me.

Often times at adoration I’m sure I look a little crazed. I’m usually staring at the monstrance with a huge smile plastered on my face, sometimes I’m laughing (to myself of course), and plenty of times I’m crying. I can’t hold back my emotions from the Lord, and I’ve stopped thinking I need to just because others might be looking.

As I was sitting and thinking with Jesus, my mind turned to a prayer request I had received from a friend, she had asked me to pray for a couple who had hit a rough patch in their marriage. This couple, whom I know only in name, had been on my heart since she asked me to pray for them. As I was sitting there, forming my prayer in my mind, I simply asked God to help them through their hiccups. My heavy heart was then filled with laughter at such a strange way to phrase what I was thinking. I also implored St. Joseph, faithful protector, to pray for this couple, he knew all too well how a hiccup can change your life.

I then looked up at Jesus, and a statue of Mary in my line of sight behind Him, and I thought, “you were a hiccup too weren’t you… a beautiful hiccup.” At that moment I heard in my heart Jesus saying back to me “and so were you.” What an important reminder for me that your life doesn’t have to be planned to be perfect. Perfection doesn’t come from what the world tells you is flawless, it comes from your role as a child of God. In all the planning you could possibly do, nothing will ever be as perfect as the plan your Heavenly Father has had for you all along. Hiccups in our own plans can lead to some pretty amazing things when we put God in control.

Mary and Joseph’s trust in God, not allowing the hiccup He sent them to derail their faith, brought hope into the world. Hope in the promise of a Savior sent to free humanity from the clutches of sin. While baby Jesus was laid in a manager and wrapped in swaddling clothes, His birth swaddled the world in a blanket of peace and light. But just as a child may toss and turn in the night, throwing off his covers, we all must choose whether to seek out the light and be wrapped in God’s peace or be content to live in the cold and lonely darkness.

Hiccups in life happen everyday, not all days are going to seem sunny and bright. Trusting God through the dreary days may seem like a cross too heavy to bear. In those moments, remember you don’t have to bear it alone. Jesus knows exactly what dreary days are like, the difference between dreary and defeated is faith. Faith that God will be get you through the hiccups if you put your trust in Him and not in the world.

A wonderful place to talk to God about getting you through the moments you want to throw off the blanket and throw in the towel is adoration. While you sit in silence in the presence of your Savior, pay attention to what God is putting on your heart and talk with Him about it. Don’t be afraid to get animated, I assure you, you won’t be the only one smiling or crying, heck the best conversations with God always seem to involve both. We are all in need of our Savior – look for the beauty in the hiccups of your life and remember to trust in the perfection God has in His plan for you.



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