When Autumn Hits the Soul

Colors change at the start
Dullness overtakes the heart

Shades of emerald become burning flame
Fire falls that which only He can tame

The trees lament, their weeping fury
To the ground comes weight and worry

The longest day has long passed
Now time is filled with pain once cast

The wind picks up and burning spreads
All have risen up from their beds

Rake the tongues once thriving on the vine
The fruit now gone, just as the wine

Where is that which will quench thy thirst
How long must wandering be done first

The legions wait holding vigil now
To the healer they all bow

Underneath the raging fires
Is one so gentle who never tires

Cast away the colorful folly
Stand bare and tall although melancholy

The water will come from above
To bring peace from within love

While flames may scar they will never prevail
For unblemished frost we all hail

Peace will be found across the knoll
When Autumn hits the soul



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